Two Critical areas China lacking in the Semiconductor areas must be addressed

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    China already has program for CPU, Memory (DRAM, NAND), DSP etc.
    But two areas it currently has No answer for ; (Silicon Photonics for FiberOptics) And (Microlithography Equipment System)

    Recently US sanctions ZTE and not allowing it to buy US semiconductor chips. ZTE was dead in the water. There's replacement for Qualcomm Cellphone chip or Memory chip or any digital chip but it has NO replacement for silicon photonic chips for its networking backplane using laser, light for fiberoptic commnuication.

    In fact Neither ZTE, Huawei, or any Chinese companies make those.

    The second area is Microlithography equipment. Optical system that transfer the design mask pattern to the Photoresist on the wafer. Mainly China has no optic len maker like Nikon or Carl Zeiss.

    Trump recently announce of banning critical equipment to China especially for semiconductor.
    China has maker for etcher, chemical vapor and physical deposition but it sorely lacks optical system for microlithography.

    Also there's a movement now that help bring semiconductor industry to Africa and Latin America, ending the western hegemony. NeoBlackPanther

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