Total numbers of Chinese landing ship fleet?

Discussion in 'Navy' started by Totoro, Nov 30, 2018.

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    When talking about ships and craft for landing, usually people count only the big stuff. And concentrate on PLAN.

    But PLA also has a sizable fleet of small landing ships, and even PLAAF for some reason has some ships.

    Is there a source which tries to list them in detail?

    I am particularly interested in service status and current numbers of following types:
    067 class
    069 class
    271 class
    Mystery new small landing ship with pennant number ND001

    First two should be few in numbers as they're old. 271 has had many variants over the years and seems to be being built even today, probably to replace some of the oldest previous classes.

    I am really having trouble discerning whether total numbers of those mentioned classes is a dozen or two or well over a hundred.

    Also, if there are some other classes of small landing ships that i've missed here, please point them out to me.

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