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    TeoChew cultural institute Hi all, my parents have passed away and i have been trying to trace the legacy of my ancestors in China. Does anyone have any idea if this website is reliable? A friend on FB showed to me but i want your opinions before i pursue it.
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    The Power Of Terracotta Army

    The army that is 2200 years old was very impressive. They had most advanced veapons for that time. Those crossbows that they used were two millenia ahead of their time, said historian, Mike Loades in the article about impresive Terracotta army I am very interested in this topic, as Terracotta...
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    The S300 Delay Can Iran Still Trust Russia?

    Hi all, Just finished my sixth vlog on Youtube called "Can Iran Still Trust Russia?" which deals with the purchase of the S-300 system and Russia's attitude vis-a-vis Iran. Just to be clear, this is not an attack on Russia, but rather a critical assessment of what has taken place in the last...