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    German military news, data, reports

    German UAV Luna NG carrier of kamikaze drones. The German concern Rheinmetall, in cooperation with the Israeli UVision, presented the concept of the latest Luna NG reconnaissance UAV, which is capable of carrying and dropping 8 kamikaze drones on the enemy. The new development was named the...
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    PLA Infantry Training Discussion

    To discuss PLA Infantry training techniques, doctrines, etc.
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    The Power Of Terracotta Army

    The army that is 2200 years old was very impressive. They had most advanced veapons for that time. Those crossbows that they used were two millenia ahead of their time, said historian, Mike Loades in the article about impresive Terracotta army I am very interested in this topic, as Terracotta...
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    The blurring of the line between Armymen and Military Police

    The future war is won through victory in space and cyberspace, without with there could not be mass movements of troops on the ground, because of the threat from cruise missiles and precision guided ammunition, as well as problems in command and control in case there is no electronic dominance...
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    The Importance of Squire or Arms Bearer for the Modern Infantry

    During the age of knights, squires existed to help the knight carry his load, besides taking care of his equipment and other chores. Later, the warrior becomes just a man with a gun, and the squire was no longer needed. In the modern army, the soldier is faced with ever greater complexity, with...
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    The Iraqi war on ISIS (CLOSED)

    Hey guys this thread is for translated content only so we can all have a better understanding of the guys that are fighting ISIS in Iraq.