Zhuhai Airshow 2016


Perhaps this thread could be updated as the event nears its debut?

According to recent reports, some of the new equipment at the exhibition this year would include:
- A new exhibition from the Chinese Aviation Engine Group Co., Ltd.
- LY-80N surface-to-air missile
- CM-302 supersonic anti-ship missile

The show is also rumored to be centered around the "20 series". I take it that the phrase refers to the Z-20, Y-20, and possibly J-20.


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I sincerely hope CH 5 is going to be displayed in a configuration showing incoming readiness for PLAAF adoption or placing it on the export list along with other drones

Since, if one remembers CH 5 on China TV, had no sensor turret and payload hardpoints

Eagerly waiting to see if CH 5 on an airshow will feature these along with the range of missiles and bombs


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All I dream to see is H-20 ....

Me too, but I think then we will have to wait until Zhuhai 2026 maybe.

In consequence I would be already more than happy to see a J-20A - with serials ! :p - and I'm eagerly awaiting more on the Z-20.