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A white or light grey Z-20?? I'm surprised even more since there seem to be a serial number on the tail!?

(Image via @航空工业直升机所 from Weixin)

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Definitely not an army tail number, way too short. Also looks like the decoy dispensers are missing from the front under the gear and the satcom is right at the back of the tail boom like some of the prototypes rather than at the front like the army ones.
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I have not seen a PLA helicopter picture with door gunners. Do the PLA not believe in using them?


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Finally the uncensored image of the new naval helicopter Z-20F was posted with the serial number '6211' clearly visible and I must admit a four digit number beginning with a '6' is not the standard.

(Image via @秋秋Q30 from Weibo)


asif iqbal

Great let’s see two on the Type 055

I hope it’s not 6211 which fly’s on every Type 055

they need many more


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Has anyone else looked at a z-20 and not been able to see the iff antennas that every other Chinese aircraft has? Just wondering if the new IFF that Deino posted about for the J-10 might be fitted.