What is China’s plan to preserve the Chinese civilization for the next 5,000 years?


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What is China’s plan to preserve the Chinese civilization for the next 5,000 years? Whether it is black swan pandemic events or nuclear apocalypse or something else, there is little doubt that the modern world has gotten a lot more dangerous. As one of the oldest civilizations in existence, what is China doing on a national level to defend, protect and preserve its Chinese civilization for the upcoming next few thousand or tens of thousands of years?

Best case scenario Chinese scientists are the first to solve the “Hard problem of Artificial Intelligence” and Chinese becomes one of the first nations to truly be successful in creating a general AI, this AI would then be essentially mankind’s last and final invention, in that it will invent for mankind everything else that comes after it. As the DeepMind CEO once said, the ultimate goal of AI research is to solve AI so that we can then use AI to solve all the rest of the problems for the world.

Andrew Yang’s UBI idea was too early for its time and didn’t catch on, but once China solves the AGI problem, it would liberate its people to pursue the intrinsic passions and hobbies and personal pursuits rather than toil in merely making a living. Best case scenario if this AGI can also help mankind/China find the equations to the ultimate theory of everything, and figure out how to do things like make nuclear fusion practical to give us basically unlimited amounts of free energy, then society could quickly reach an omega singularity point in which the likes of interstellar exploration becomes common practice as China looks to the stars and becomes a Type IV civilization and colonizing the entire milky way galaxy in couple hundred years.

But there is also the equally possible scenario that things will go the other way for humanity, that true AI will never be invented, fusion will always perpetually be another 40 years away, and things like climate change and resource depletion and diminishing returns on net EROEI (energy returned on energy invested) will do us in way before mankind can escape to the stars or even other planets in the solar system.

Things like global seed vault is public knowledge, and so are projects like the The Long Now Foundation, which aims to preserve things for tens of 10,000 of years. And while China has a basic nuclear deterrence that wouldn’t save it from other forms of threats such as the recent COVID-19, etc. What is China as a civilization doing to preserve its lineage for the next 5000 years?

I hope China/ CCP/ Xi looks into these ideas:

1) A genetic vault, store the DNA code of at least 1% of the entire Han/Chinese race so that in a doomsday scenario there is enough genetic variety to start over. This can be stored in code and transmitted out to the outer space such as like the Arecibo radio message, or it can be transcribed or etched in “stone” or gold much like the records of the Voyager missions. In addition, China could set up a doomsays deadhand underground that automatically will create a bunch of babies, enough to restart civilization, in the event of an end of the world type of scenario is detected in the above ground.

2) Run simulations on how to bootstrap from zero, basically if China got knocked back to the stone age and the only thing that was preserved was the written and spoken Chinese language then what would be the best way for China (or the Chinese civilization) to quickly start over from scratch and rebuild. It is possible to reconstruct the last 5000 of technological achievements and knowledge/ discoveries/ inventions in a timespan of merely 50 years if the right types of seed knowledge and blueprints were in place? These days it is impossible to build a computer processor without the use of another computer processor somewhere in the supply chain, but going back to vacuum tubes of the first ENAIC computers in the 1950’s should be trivial, and from there it wouldn’t take another 70 years to get to modern chipsets given the knowledge of how to build the tools to build the modern processors already exists.

3) Archive as much pre-computing information as possible, for example when first discovering PI, it took some mathematicians their entire lives to calculate to 400 digits when now even a smartphone can calculate millions of digits of PI in no time at all. Likewise the ENIAC was created to calculate ballistic trajectory tables for the US Army, and took months to calculate what would now only take a few seconds on any consumer desktop PC. Google spent 25 million dollars to “train” the neural network needed to defeat human professionals at the ancient Chinese game of Go for the very first time back in 2015. The public community version of that, called Leela Zero, at the Github, spent nearly 2 years of the communities time and computing resources to duplicate the same across thousands of distributed machines, simply because Google refused to share the trained neural network with the world. Huawei Ascend and Atlas are now the fastest AI processors and data center clusters in the world, China might want to save the most useful and hardest to obtain, most difficult to train, etc neural networks for future generations in a doomsdays situation in which they had to start over.