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The Professional Discussion forum is a dedicated place for those with some experience in military service, Chinese military research and defence industry. While any member can view the threads in this forum, only accepted VIP members will be able to post.

The idea behind this forum is to provide a place for some in-depth analysis and intellectual discussions on military and weapon issues. The place is designed for “discussion†rather than “debateâ€. We are sorry to see that in the past some posts starting out with great potential degenerated into meaningless arguments. We hope that by introducing this professional forum, we can keep the discussions in track so that we all can benefit from reading them.

The Professional Discussion forum will also serve as a place to share your personal thoughts and research work. If you have any research article/paper on Chinese military that you wish to share with others, you are more than welcome to publish it here. We will also select some of these articles and publish them on the SinoDefence.com main site so that more people can share them.

If you are interested in becoming a VIP member in the professional discussion, please contact me quoting your username in the new forum, as well as a brief description of your experience in military service, Chinese military research, and/or defence industry. We will consider your application and let you know the result as soon as possible.

You can contact me by using the main site
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, or by sending me a private message in this forum.
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