Wall Street Protests

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I'm surprised this isn't gaining more widespread attention. Apparently this has been going on for over 3 weeks, and I haven't heard much mention of it over here in Canada.

This protest is reminiscent of the protests in Spain and Greece over the summer. What do you guys think? Are we seeing something momentous happening, or just a passing bout of sound and fury?


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I'm just surprised that this didn't happen sooner, considering how serious economic problems in the US have been growing despite all the sound and fury over expenditures.


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This reminds me of the hypocrisy in Western media, "I'm perfect and you're always evil". Kinda funny, it's the same thing on the Chinese counterpart, so you hear about this protest story non-stop on Chinese news.

If you compress the 7 o'clock news on CCTV every evening into three sections, it pretty much tells you the same three sentences over the past 3 decades, a) the political leaders are busy travelling the world, b) Chinese people are living happily together, harmoniously and prosperously, c) foreign countries are burning in hell, in desperate need of help.

The Western counterpart are pretty much the same. Just not as bad in terms of self praising, but even worse in country bashing.
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