Vancouver Hockey riot

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Some photos from the unfortunate riot in Vancouver Hooligans.

VANCOUVER - Vancouver woke up to smashed storefronts, broken bottles and garbage-strewn streets this morning, as clean-up crews continued working through the night to clear the rubble from last night's mayhem.
A trail of bloody footprints outside Blenz Coffee at Georgia and Richards marked the pavement next to heaps of broken glass, while over-turned perfume counters and mannequin limbs lay on the first floors of Sears and the Bay.
Plywood covered windows of many stores along Seymour, Georgia and Granville and police tape lined the sidewalk. The streets, except Granville, were open to traffic and already filled with morning commuters.
Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson's office says the mayor will be conducting a tour of the areas most heavily damaged in last night's Stanley Cup riots, starting at 9 a.m. this morning at Granville and Robson. The mayor will be accompanied by downtown business leaders.

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More PIX..

Vancouver Canucks fans loot merchandise through the smashed windows of a Sears store during a riot in reaction to their team's loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup final hockey game in Vancouver, British Columbia June 15, 2011.

A security guard stands outside a bank damaged by riots which broke out following Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey playoff between the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins in Vancouver, British Columbia June 16, 2011. Violence erupted on the streets of Vancouver on Wednesday after the Canucks were defeated by the Bruins in the final of the Stanley Cup, 4-0.

Vancouver Canucks fans jump onto a burned and overturned pickup truck in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia while police stand nearby during rioting after the Canucks lost Game-7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the Boston Bruins June 15, 2011. The crowd of more than 100,000 Canadian hockey fans turned violent after the game.



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...well, I was rooting for the Canucks but I am not made enough to break windows and burn cars...



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I'm not changing my avatar because some idiots ruin a beautiful city. How drunk do you have to be to set a car on fire, or destroy a shopping centre or to throw a man off a bridge!?!? A lot of people are saying it wasn't 'real fans' who started this, the police chief thinks a small group of anarchist brought equipment to destroy those cars but how does that explain thousands of people on the streets of downtown Vancouver destroying everything?
I wonder if thats airsuperiority?;)
i'm in hk right now LOL, although if i were in vancouver, the first thing i'd do is pick up my gf, sister, and any strayed friends in vancouver downtown and get outta there.

although to be honest, i feel disgraced looking at the jersey. i don't see pride in it. (i was never a hockey fan, but nonetheless would've rooted for home team. not only am i disappointed by the team's incompetence, but also the fans' behaviour)
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