US F/A-XX and F-X 6th Gen Aircraft News Thread


I absolutely agree that mindless killing machines are immoral and that in my humble opinion, we need to keep the man in the loop.. I hope people understand that when you program a machine to do your killing for you? you've lost the human element, and taken the "safeties" OFF!
don't worry, the Pentagon couldn't even stage an independent testing of the F-35 for the Comptroller yet, and the F-35 'loyal wingman' isn't even a program of record yet, so their 'combo' is hooey, h-double o-e-y


DARPA’s ACE Wants To Automate Dogfighting To Empower AI
Source : AWST

A DARPA program to build pilot trust in artificial intelligence (AI) in combat by automating dogfighting has taken a step forward with the award of the first contract and the release of a solicitation to develop algorithms for close-in air combat.

Just as air combat training is used to develop pilot performance and trust, DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program aims to use dogfight automation as a crucible to give pilots confidence that AI “can handle a high-end fight.”

ACE will develop AI algorithms to automate within-visual-range combat and test them first in a modeling and simulation environment, then in subscale unmanned aircraft and finally in live 1v1, 2v1 and 2v2 combat between full-size fighters.

DARPA argues that dogfighting is less difficult to automate than it appears because the solution space is bounded. Instead the challenge is enabling the pilot to trust the AI, and ACE will develop methods of modeling and measuring trust, including crosscheck ratio—essentially how often the pilot grabs the stick to counteract the automation.


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The US Navy's Next Gen Fighter has gone black:

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The USAF's NGAD has this nifty quote:

This effort is in Budget Activity 4, Advanced Component Development and Prototypes (ACD&P), because efforts are necessary to evaluate integrated technologies, representative modes or prototype systems in a high fidelity and realistic operating environment.
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If the NGAD follows the LRSB with its funding profile and developmental stages, we have a selection in 2023.

Will we? With everything going on? Stay tuned.