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Now now, that's nowhere to talk about your birth place. Besides, the EU has accepted economies that are in much worse shape than Scotland.

So by the sound of it, you're giving the Scots up to leave "Great" Britain? You're just like some of my English friends who feels that now the Scottish oil has run dry. It's no longer necessary to keep Scotland as part of the union.

And what's funny, it's the majority of tgese people are Brexiteers. These people tends to be unionists. But by theur very narrow determination to get out of EU, they might have succeeded in breaking up the union they love so much!
Wind replaces oil.


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Overview of the state of UK armed forces. A bit polyanna-ish in some respects (e.g. claiming Typhoon is 'best of breed' when it doesn't yet have an AESA) but also identifies some big problems, especially for the British Army.

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I dont think UK needs large land army because they are usually going with United States, if there is a time when they gotta do a some kinda operation alone without their big brother, it's most likely against weaker/poor military what so tanks or masses of artillery aren't needed. Not having a bigger army becomes problem only of there serious casualties and their frontline troops are in short supply (unlikely situation).

All they need is light infantry backed up by tube/rocket artillery and air support.