Type 09V/09VI (095/096) Nuclear Submarine Thread

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If the type 095s are in service then inquiring minds would like to know. Joking aside, I'm really curious just how much quieter they are compared to the 093s.


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Amusing, but this april fool's joke also has the potential for off topic posts.
Feel free to "react" to the article using the like/emoticon function, but to preempt any derailing, any further posts about it will be deleted just so we can keep things on track.

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Here's my theory on china submarines and by extension naval build up ,I think the strategic period for china's peaceful rise seems to have come to an end from sometimes mid last decade. The general elite opinion on china in the west has moved from being divided to strongly anti China. I believe PLAN have taken this into consideration hence expansion of manufacturing capacity. Given this new hostile environment, I personally expect a surge rate of 8-10 subs (093& 095) being manufactured at the same time and 4-5 launches per year for the next 4-6 years settling at a lower rate of (maybe 60% of surge rate).


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Width of the hull is quite something.

Measuring it on GE, I'm definitely not getting a figure of under 12 m.

For an attack sub, it'd be one of the wider attack subs out there. Wider than Astute, Virginia and so on. Interestingly Virginia is usually quoted at just 10 m beam, compared to Seawolf's 12 m. Measuring it in GE I do often get not more than 10.5 meter beam so it would indeed appear true Virginia was made narrower than the earlier class.

Of course, Russian subs are even wider (Akula/Sierra/Yasen) and can reach 12 and even more meters across.

Important to note, though, 093 was/is already quite wide, and on GE I usually get measurements of at least 11 meters across and sometimes even approaching 12 meters.

Finally, resolution is still poor enough that it's possible the hull beam is identical to 093.
Where is this ship yard? Can you share me the GCS? Thanks


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Extracted the text from the image and then used DeepL for translation. So keep in mind that there are some translation mistakes

(Slightly edited)

It is speculated that the Type 095 nuclear attack submarine may
adopt a new generation of sonar detection system,
which mainly includes large-size integrated array active/passive
/ passive sonar (A),
wide aperture passive sonar
array (B)
and low frequency towed line array acoustic
with a variety of high-performance submarine
to implement long-range all-round detection, positioning, tracking

The submarine is capable of long-range all-round detection, positioning, tracking and long-range alert and surveillance.
The Type 095 attack nuclear submarine's weapon system has been upgraded comprehensively, first of all, the Type 095 attack nuclear submarine has adopted the 8.0 mm torpedoes for the first time compared with the 093 attack nuclear submarine series.

The Type 095 attack nuclear submarine has the most advanced weapon system in the world.
4 different targets, its rear torpedo compartment with an integrated fast torpedo loading system, up to the renewable cycle capacity of the nuclear reactor plays a key role, in addition to a large output power for
to carry 35 torpedoes or missiles. Secondly, in order to enhance multi-mission combat capability and long-range strike, the reactor's life, reliability, operational efficiency, and safety have also been increased.

In order to enhance the multi-mission capability and long-range strike capability, the hull section is designed with a modular missile module (E), which can carry up to 35 torpedoes or missiles according to the mission requirements.

The 095 is capable of carrying 12 long-range land cruise missiles, long-range supersonic anti-ship missiles (2 groups of 6 vertical launchers), and high silent flight speeds. The various damping, noise reduction, and silencing technologies used also allow the 095 to be used as a nuclear submarine.

The submarine's overall quietness has been qualitatively improved by the use of various damping, noise reduction, and silencing technologies, which have also enabled the submarine to be equipped with either a long-range supersonic anti-ship missile (2 sets of 4-cell vertical launchers) or 8 hypersonic anti-ship missiles (2 sets of 4-cell vertical launchers).

The long-range land and sea strike capability of the Type 095 attack nuclear submarine is comparable to that of new foreign attack nuclear submarines.

Comparable to new foreign attack submarines
It is speculated that the Type 095 attack nuclear submarine may be the first
Chinese domestic submarine with pump-jet propulsion for the first time
(F), because of the high demand for quietness at high speed
high requirements for quietness at high speeds, so the 095 has eliminated the relatively simple technology
traditional 7-10 tilt propellers and replaced them with a more complex but better-performing pump-jet propulsion

The 095 has been replaced by a more complex but better performing pump-jet propulsion unit. The overall noise of the submarine is effectively controlled while meeting the high speed requirement.
The overall noise of the submarine has been effectively controlled.

Translated with
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Uses pump jet propulsion.
Has vertical launch torpedoes with capacity of total 35 torpedoes - launching 4 at a time at four distinct targets.
Uses VLS for launching anti-ship/land strike cruise missiles ( supersonic /hypersonic)
2 pack of 6 cells or 2 pack of 4 ( for hypersonic?) not clear.

Advanced nuclear reactor design with better and variable power output.
Improved Acoustics and vibration damping technologies. Reduced signatures.

It doesn't seem use an X wing for the rudder.
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