Type 09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


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Minnie Chan thinks that the PLAN is hiding its true number of submarines by assigning multiple numbers of submarines with the same pennant number.

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No offense, but who cares with Minnie Chan thinks.
She needs to claw back some credibility first before her articles can be viewed without any kind of substantial caution and skepticism.

In this specific case, we have not had history of the PLA in general reassigning numbers for the purposes of bolstering perception of its fleet sizes before. If there is an renumbering going on (which I'm not sure if there is), then it's likely secondary to some kind of administrative change.


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I can believe this for fighters since they are indeed impossible to properly track and catalogue if the intention to use the same serial number is repeated but it's impossible to do this for submarines. They take years to build and fit out while the whole time being visible to satellites.