Type 09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


A hazy day in Hainan. You can see an SSBN returning(?) to base.



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HI Sutton in the past clarified that his cutaways are always speculative, but based on whatever can be glimpsed from footage, reported claims plus general characteristics for a given type of submarine (SSK, SSN etc).

asif iqbal

SSBN is more expensive than carriers

extremely sophisticated and secrecy around these are more than any other asset in the Navy

Boomers as they are called are formidable weapons of war

hopefully never used but there to show strength through deterrence

deep seas long range patrols are the corner stone of any SSBN deployment

China should work on 12 x SSBN with 2-3 deployed at any one time

1 in the Indian Ocean, 1 in the Northern Pacific Ocean and 1 in the Southern Pacific Ocean

and even in close to home waters around the South China Sea/East of Philippines


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I am not going into possible PS nature of the image, but there are various other details different from previous 093 subs. The leading and trailing edge angle of the sail seem different. The rear fin seems to have a more curved base. And the notch in the sail, Frankly, looks to be too fine to be random damage.