Type 09III/09IV (093/094) Nuclear Submarine Thread


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Video analysis on Type-093/A/B Shang SSN by an retired U.S Navy sonar officer running a Submarine/Gaming channel on Youtube. He seems to claim the hump observed is tied to 093's towed sonar array system; He also asserts no VLS capable Type 93 is in service, and will be introduced as 093G. Not sure if his assertions are credible but he may have inside track information on this topic.

Here is another analysis video he posted a while ago on AN/SQS-53C Active Sonar, a variant of which is mounted on both Ticonderoga and
Arleigh Burke-class ships. Not sure why NSA hasn't knocked on his door yet. :rolleyes:



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Jive is probably(?) only commentator in here internet world who has actually listened 093 swimming around.

One new SSN launched each year is a good speed when compared to most other nations... boys in BR forum aren't gonna be too happy about Jive's 093 video.
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The second video with the SQS-53C doesn't sound like something that should be posted to YouTube.

But I do recommend watching Jive Turkey playing the sub simulator game Cold Waters, and try playing Cold Waters yourself, which is available on Steam, to get a glimpse at modern submarine warfare. The main hero sub is the 688 but there is a mod that lets you play Soviet subs, including the Alfa class.


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For comparison, in the infamous ONI chart they put the still non existing 095 sub somewhere between Victor III and Akula I


What an achievement from the chinese navy industrie, we also can expect the next generation sub, type 095, will be quieter than the 093A.

To put in context, what 110 dB underwater means, the following link.

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what limits china's push to catch up with the US on the Submarine stealthiness (acoustic front) ? Material issues? System issues? It seems to be quite the norm to come to the mentioned conclusion and not ponder about what leads to the lag in capabilities and how to overcome it. It might be due to the inherent secretive nature of the underwater systems ...but still.

Oh and ofc, i'm pretty sure the chinese administration and planners are aware of the lag. Certainly money isn't the issue . It might be technology. A technological barrier that china can't "hack and slash" it's way through ?! Color me surprised.


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Does not compute.

Like most Soviet submarines Yasen was designed between 1975-1985. It's possible that "improved Victor III" incorporates all the latest design features Soviets had 1985-1990 while first Yasen was laid down 1993 as designed without latest noise reduction tech added.
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Aspects of the Yasen design may date back to the 1980s, but it's still of far newer vintage in every way than the Victor III, the last unit of which was launched 2 years before Severodvinsk was even laid down. Most silencing technology is impossible to retro-fit, including the reactor (where the first Yasen unit is 1.5, the second 2 generations ahead of the Victor III) and raft-mounting arrangements (on which a surprising amount of info has been leaked for Yasen - it is extremely advanced in this regard).

Quite apart from that, I didn't find where he states that in the first place - I'm also not sure how much faith you can put in his info in general. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he at the very least is dumbing things down quite a bit for the general audience on those topics where I'm reasonably fit to judge. It may be "maskirovka" to avoid coming into conflict with any confidentiality agreements he is bound by, or he may not be quite what he claims, but in any case, bring along salt.