Type 075 LHD discussion


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Word is that 075 #2 is being assembled in drydock.

Waiting for evidence...

I must admit I wouldn't be surprised and already had a similar idea when I saw this image.


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asif iqbal

Wow wow and wow again

So the rumour of the keel for the second was true!!!

Wow wow and wow again ;);):):)

2 x LHD and 1 x carrier to follow

JNCX and HD and also DL

Keep eyes on target

I’m so excited I can’t control myself


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1. That's a lot of progress on the ship. Nice pics!

2. Launch sometime in first half of 2020 plausible?

3. Where does one see the keel of the second one laid down in these photos?

4. 075 progress is getting all these images, both satellite ones and from the shipyard, yet the 003 carrier photo coverage is giving us crumbs, at best. I understand location of 075 makes it better to take the shipyard pics, but no Google earth update of the area in something like 1.5 years. What gives?