Type 075 LHD discussion


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A nice magazine scan.


From a different perspective.



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the hanger on the Type 901 is massive

have we ever seen inside that hanger ?

looks to me like it can handle 4 x Z18 helicopters
The lift on 075 has markings for 4 Z8/Z18s. You only need to compare the size of that lift to the hanger of Type 901 in order to find out how many Z8/Z18s it can accommodate inside. In terms of the width, sure it can definitely take two of them side by side if not three (but you have to consider the different usages between a lift and a hanger though). So I guess the real maximum number of Z8/Z18 that hanger can accommodate will depend on its depth...


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The stern is a pretty clear match for an 071 and we can already see the bow lined up, which also looks notably different to the 075 bow section (which is narrower below the square flight deck).

asif iqbal

I think the fact that the end of the hanger is not square may lead to some tight formation

however I think theres enough length for 4 x Z18 on the Type 901 if its needed

ganger looks huge


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Stubby bow there, that's a 071, among other distinguishing features.

You can see the two newly launched 054A being fitted there, one should be the Pakistan one.

Two 054A hulls being assembled in the dock, and more modules of 054A on the side.