Type 075 LHD discussion


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I like the superstructure, but the front is too rectangular for me.
Hi UrsusMan,

Same here, it look so ungainly with the design of the superstructure, if they took the front design of Japan IZUMO class or SK DOKDO class it will be aesthetically pleasing, that's my view :)


High-resolution images of the lead ship moving out...



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Again some news from the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard, where the Type 075 LHDs are built and fitted out: Allegedly the lead vessel (no. 01) was transferred to another shipyard or facility nearby.

But could it also be simply its second trail?

(Images via @捣蛋不捣蛋 and @_老年_ from Weibo)

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I don't believe they would leave scaffolding in place and various containers on the flight deck if the vessel was heading for second sea trials.

Richard Santos

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Hmmm, curious. The type 075 has two sets of port and starboard navigation lights. One Set below flight deck On the forward corner of the first sponson from the bow, the second set on the superstructure just forward of the close-in defence missile launcher.

I’ve never seen any other ship that carry two set of port and starboard lights. it would be quite against normal navigation practice to use both sets at once. I wonder when each set would be used.

perhaps the set above deck is for normal navigation use, the set below deck is for use when Conducting nighttime flight operations so as to not destroy the night vision, or saturate the low light goggles and cameras of the crew and pilots on deck
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