Type 075 LHD discussion


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Why do you think that the ship has this problem? design flaws? impossibility of designing any other way? could they have problems with this "solution" ?

Its better for them that carrier 003 doesnt have this problem.
Might be some design changes to funnel on batch 2 ships.


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Black painted mast can serve two purpose. First is to hide the soot which is noted in the lead ship's maiden sea trial. The second purpose less noted is RAM coating usually comes in black, thus there is a possibility that in a one stone two birds move, a black RAM coating was applied. The purpose of RAM coating is to prevent radar reflection of the ship's mast radiate back to the radar behind the mast and the funnel, creating some funny stuff on radar screen.


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Why? Since radar has existed on ships, it has been exposed to smoke gases. That won't be a problem, a radar antenna can withstand that.

Just paint it black and it's good.
The soot doesn't fall on radar. Instead it falls on sensitive ESM equipment. I could go into a TLDR post why these particular items --- Type 726-1 and 726-2 ESM --- is essential for the workings of 726-3 ECM and the 726-4 Decoy system, and these components are essential for the ship's own survival.