Type 075 LHD discussion


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If they have scaffolding on all three, I suspect there is some smoke stack reshaping that is going happen. But that will affect the electronics behind it. Maybe raise the whole thing up by 3 meters and give it a cut angle.

To be more precise, the instruments that the soot fell on were ESM equipment, with potential ECM. These are common with other higher end PLAN vessels, namely the Type 726-1 ESM and the Type 726-2 ESM (not sure if this is ESM or ECM). In addition to that there is quartet of small phase arrays under the 726-1 ESM that is new and I am not sure if this has anything to do with EW or is used for digital communication (CEC and all that). These equipment is all vital to the defense of the ship, as it enable use on the Type 726-3 ECM and 726-4 decoys at the hull.

Any reshape may not affect the electronics behind it because the second mast is between the electronics of the second mast and the funnel. There is a pair of large R2D2 shaped ESM (this ESM first seen with second block 052D and retrofitted on 052C), with the port side unit on the second mast, but the starboard side unit is actually on the first mast. So if the smoke clears to the starboard side, it will not reach the starboard side ESM. There is a SATCOM on the starboard side of the second mast, but its set way low for where I think the smoke will go.

The three large bulbs are the SATCOMs, with the port side being on the fore mast while the two others, center and starboard, are on the aft mast. Between the first two SATCOMs on the left you see the port side ESM unit which is on the aft mast, and on the right, the starboard ESM unit which is on the fore mast. If the funnel is canted starboard side, the starboard ESM won't be on the downdraft and the starboard SATCOM would be way too low.

So the only potential downside in modifying the funnel would be the smoke going to the second radar, the dual sided one on the second mast. It doesn't seem to be affected by any smoke at all in this first trial run.


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It appears they are surfacing the flight deck on the lead ship.