Type 075 LHD discussion

asif iqbal

Maybe this is a good indication of changing times

finally China might start to do something about serious lack of helicopters and new variants

I would like to see 6 landing spots on the LHD with each spot holding a Z18L

if each Z18L can hold 30 Marines thats 180 Marines dropped via helicopters

add to that the well deck with 2 x LCAC, each LCAC could hold a serious load

add the Type 071 LPD into the mix and you have a good amphibious assault force

off course they need to demonstrate all this

this unmanned helicopter should be massed produced and each Type 055 should get 2 x Z20 + 1 x unmanned rotary wing

add these unmanned units to the Type 056 corvettes

basically they need 100s of the type, now add some anti-ship missiles to them too


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Probably not very long. Most of her fittings are already installed, and they are not fake placeholders this time but the real bananas.