Type 075 LHD discussion


This was taken shortly after its launch.
I think you are right. That Type-071 unit has not been parked behind the lead 075 for a while.

But it's so strange...

Here's an image taken about six days ago (or so I believe). Notice all the close-in weapons are missing (marked by red arrows):

Here's an image taken shortly after the launch (from last September). Mysteriously, all the close-in weapons (or stand-ins) were in place and wrapped in dark green tarp, as indicated by the red arrows.

This was the source of my original (mistaken) claim: what I thought was the re-appearance of close-in weapons wrapped in orange tarp.


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The white plume is unburned fuel - when starting an engine. The dark plume is normal engine running.
Agree with the white-plume explanation, but the black smoke is caused by a very rich fuel-to-air ratio typically seen at acceleration.