Type 071 LPD News, Pics, and Reports


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Two nice screen captures.

Wow these ships are huge ! The well deck are cavernous !


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In mid-November, a certain landing ship detachment of the Southern Theater Command consisted of the Kunlun Mountain, Changbai Mountain, and Wuzhishan Ships to form a maritime training formation to conduct actual combat training in a certain area of the South China Sea. In the four consecutive days of training, the formation has successively conducted training in more than 10 subjects such as comprehensive defense, hovercraft transfer and transportation, temporary seizure and capture, and main artillery shooting, comprehensively training the troops to perform diversified combat missions.

courtesy : @z5J6NWig6ByNnsC.

asif iqbal

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the 8 x LPD provide China with much needed sea lift

with plenty of ship to shore connectors these versatile warships can do many jobs not only fight

I actually believe the Type 071 LPD is more advanced than the US San Antonio Class LPD fleet

it would be good if China continued producing more this decade with a more capable design on the same hull


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Has the 7. LPD Typ 071 no. 986, 'Simingshan' entered service?

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It looks like it. The ship could be heading out to its new home. Final work and the pennant painting may have been done in the shipyard but not the commissioning ceremony which has to be held where its final destination and future home base will be. We will see if she heads down to Zhanjiang in the south or Qingdao in the north.