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By78 why are you insecure goodness sake

I had this in mind

No, you had something different in mind, namely, you wanted to see 10 helicopters packed on deck, which isn't something your images showed.

I understand you have a certain fetish about parading around hardware, be it helicopters or holy loincloth, which is rather silly. Is it some kind of cultural thing? You do this a lot. It seems half of your comments are along the lines of, "now I want to see this with that and blah blah blah". Such a waste of screen real estate and internet bandwidth.


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China's helicopter industry still has some ways to go, so far its progressing very rapidly. I will be very happy once I see the sea variant of the Z-10 equipped with a beefier WZ-16 engines taking off from LPDs and LHAs.


struggle to figure out why they are all located in one place and not spread out to other bases
The amphibious forces are in the process of being formed. The Chinese are still learning, trying out and consolidating their methods. Just as they copy ideas abroad, the Chinese units also exchange ideas with one another. And to do this, they collect units with the same tasks in one place.

It will stay that way for longer. The helicopters, the hovercraft, the drones ... actually everything is still missing.