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Not sure if i'd call a MEU a brigade equivalent to an army brigade.
It's basically a batallion of marines (little under 1000 troops) augumented by several tanks, plus some other recon vehicles and an artillery battery. And it has own organic helicopter support - several attack choppers and some transport helos.

Roughly speaking, it has 2-3 times less men and firepower than an US brigade. Though it does have added aviation element.
I called it equivalent to MEU to draw parallel to smallest independent functional units in USMC while calling it equivalent to BCT in terms of its engagement capacity, though it matches neither.
An USMC MEU is based on 1 btn of troops, PLAMC brigade on 2 btn and a BCT on 3 btn.

PLAMC brigade is equivalent to
2/3 of Stryker BCT + 1x ArmourReg
+ 1x Combat Av Brg ( attached)
So it is more like a Regimental Combat team than an MEU.
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071, 075 don't directly engage the enemy, they are protective transport for assault marine units of PLAN. Hence the number of ships would depend on the number of units capable of being deployed.

As a rule of thumb, one brigade equivalent (MEU in USMC, consider an Airborne Inf BCT with partial mech elements in case of US army ) requires 1 LHD + 2 LPD (deliberately discounting LSTs) including all the HQ+support elements.
So, 12 type 071 + 6 type 075 should be sufficient by the time PLAMC grows to 6 brigades. It isnt at that strength just yet so there's no hurry.
Is the PLAMC training for more brigades urgently?

asif iqbal

Wow what a development

I can tell you I have been following the Type 071 LPD for a very long time

and this is new development and recent edition

I do not recall ever seeing a lift on the deck

they previously used cranes to get vehicles off the deck like when they visited Malaysia

this means easy access to all decks and transfer of material and vehicles on and off the deck

2=GT please share the video? whole video I want every angle on this

as I am confused since the area below the deck lift is a well deck
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asif iqbal

re: PLAN Type 071 LPD & its Landing Craft

Wow I did not know the inside compartment was double decker! Screen shots from 6:46 secs and 10:12 secs

I think we have really been under estimating the Type 071 LPD

In addition to 4 helos and 4 LCAC I think they could fit 10 IFV in the lower and upper compartments each that's 20 IFV

Each LCAC can hold 2-3 IFV each, so 4 x 3 = 12 IFV by LCAC and 20 by swimming or another sortie on the LCAC, very good






Note this is the compartment in front of the well deck

this was my post from 7 years ago the revelation of the ramp to compartment above from a video

asif iqbal

no just landing marks

the one has some red container or something ?

who has a cheap smart phone? this person could have at least invested in a iPhone 11 to get a good 4K shot

I have a iPhone 11 256GB (yea I dont mess about) and I can snap a birds from 600m and thats on a bad day