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Regardless of what ever tensions China and Taiwan has, the Straits is the modern sea equivalent to a Bangkok street intersection. There are so many ships passing through. In fact that belt ranging from the South China Seas to the Sea of Japan is among the world's most navigated waters. Political tensions should not be an excuse for dropping AIS and ignoring safety protocols.

asif iqbal

2 x LPD and Type 901 tanker

Looks like new Z18C on the 1st LPD

Good tonnage, btw which magazine
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asif iqbal

Yes 8 x LPD and 3 x LHD

This is a good fleet

Basically Chinese marines within 5 years have got the biggest boast to their sealift capability ever


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Thanks for the explanation! However, I’m not too concerned with what the cargo ship is doing. Instead, I am more concerned about the military ship with their superior “situational awareness’. Yet, in these accidents, they are not aware of a big ole cargo monster is about to hit them... How often are military ships on autopilot? Should they be on autopilot in the middle of a mission or an exercise? Especially, when they approach an island (in secrecy), should they take off autopilot?
Read this, it is indicative of some of the problems at hand. It talks about the cases of USS John McCain and USS Fitzgerald.

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