Type 056 Class Opv/corvette


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»Ø¸´: PLAN Littoral Combat Ships

If real it is a fascinating picture, note what appears to be an FL3000N launcher towards the rear of the superstructure, and it does not appear to have a hangar though there is a large space beneath the flight deck.


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Re: PLAN Littoral Combat Ships

056? Or an old pic with the number 056 PS'd onto it?


Could this be the 1,500 ton class vessels that was recently talked about? The lack of a hangar and the relatively simple weapons and sensor package would make this a OPV type of vessel intended for EEZ patrols.


Re: PLAN Littoral Combat Ships

Will be useful for south china sea. Do corvettes usually have anti-submarine weapons? It looks like it will carry Z-9 heli.

edit: apparently it's a recent pic. The deputy commander of the PLAN garrison in HK supposedly gave the model to the president of university of HK as a gift (recognising research contribution?).
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Re: PLAN Littoral Combat Ships

Will be useful for south china sea. Do corvettes usually have anti-submarine weapons? It looks like it will carry Z-9 heli.
It's a clean looking ship. I wonder how far has UAV tech advanced for them. Perhaps they can carry UAVs instead with the limited room.


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Re: PLAN Littoral Combat Ships

I hope 056 has some ASW capability like TAS or such. If PLAN can mass produce a corvette class with even rudimentary ASW it will go a long way.


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Since this is actually a pretty significant development, I have created a new thread for Type 056. This class should fit between 022 and 054A. The Chinese call this light frigate, but I think OPV or corvette would be better name for it.

From what I can see, looks like it has a AK-176M for land attack and some air defense and its FCR is at the bottom of the foremast. We can see what looks to be Type 360 radar for air/surface search. It also has 2 double-tubed YJ-83s (so 4 YJ-83s all together). We can also see HQ-10 (the domestic version of FL-3000N) on the non-hangar platform and some other sensors/satcom equipment on it. I can't see this too well, but people have pointed out the things on the side on foremast to be 12.7 mm guns. I'm not really sure what they are going to put on top of the bridge, but I don't think it will be empty (probably some E/O sensors or other sensor). I also don't see any kind of ASW rockets or decoy rocket launcher (but I expect there to be some as on 022). We have a helicopter pad that is fairly high which rules out a hangar, but it seems to have enough space for Towed Array Sonar or Variable Depth Sonar. It also seems to have bulb in the front indicating bow mounted sonar.

I'm waiting to see what it will end up looking like. Should be coming out soon.


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I hope I am not jumping to conclusion here, but does the HQ-10(?)/FN-3000N launcher (on the model) seems smaller? I think I've read somewhere that the FN-3000N comes in a number of configurations; 24 rounds, 12 rounds, 8 rounds (?), etc...

If not ... then I got to have my eyes check!