Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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Self explanatory.



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China, Russia kick off joint naval drill in Sea of Japan

China and Russia on Thursday kicked off a joint naval drill in the Sea of Japan with some of the two countries' most powerful warships, including China's Type 055 large destroyer.
Would be nice to see the Type 055 and a Slava cruiser next to eachother just to compare sizes.


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Unsurprisingly those are HHQ-9s and YJ-18s. All the shots from the missiles flying towards their target are of HHQ-9s. This pretty much confirms what we suspected, that the Type 055 shares its confirmed loadout with the Type 052D.
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I have not seen the 052D fire YJ-18s from the middle VLS, only from #3 and #4 of the forward banks. The bottom of the forward VLS might be ahead of the critical machinery section of the 052D to clear that section, while the ones to the back are still over some parts of the machinery, which can prevent the 052D from using the longer version of the VLS that can fire the YJ-18. YJ-18 launch from VLS amidships is unique to the 055 and indicates that on the bigger ship, it can accommodate the longer VLS even there might still be machinery underneath the VLS.