Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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What do you mean by "the 4th is unlikely to see service"? Thank you in advance.
Maybe you are confusing the 4th with the nuclear powered carrier. Otherwise if the 4th is a duplicate of the 3rd, you will see it in less than 6-7 years. Much less. And maybe 4th,5th and 6th


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Some facts and speculations about name and number
101 南昌 Nanchang
102 拉萨 Lhasa
103 鞍山 Anshan
104 无锡 Wuxi
105 大连 Dalian
106 延安 Yanan
107 遵义 Zunyi
108 瑞金? Ruijin?
Ruijin is not a regional city(地区级城市), so according to the PLA Navy warship naming regulation, it might not be chosen for a destroyer.

108 is said to be Xianyang 咸阳.


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DDG 105 on the cover of this month's issue of Modern Ships magazine.