Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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Would be interesting to know what 108's name would be. The number of names might be running out. My two bets:

Zhuhai. This is after the retirement of Type 051 no. 166 Zhuhai. So that name is now available, although it does have the potential of ending up with a 052D new batch.

Fushun. China's first four destroyers based on ex-Soviet Gnevny class were Anshan, Fushun, Changchun and Taiyuan. So three are taken, which leaves you with Fushun.
Fushun was taken as well. Type 056. 591 is its number now.

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Ships from both builders all obviously have funnels. What dalian ships have in addition is called a funnel cap.

Funnel caps are typically used to help direct smoke away from surrounding structure. But on a modern stealthy warship it may just as well be designed to shield the top uptake from radars or infrared. It would be interesting to see if one could get a view looking down into the funnel caps of a Dalian ship.
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101's silhouette. Probably taken from a passenger plane window. It was in formation with Liaoning.