Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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The outfitting and commission of the DDg ae ecruciatingly slow they need to speed up the process out of 20 or Type 52 only 10 are commission sofar and type 55 even slower via Samsara
Out of 24 052Ds that are in the water, 13 are in service and 11 are fitting out. The average time between launch and commissioning is about two years which is quite reasonable for a ship of its size and the fitting out + sea trials duration it needs.
Also, remember that 052Ds are now starting to go to destroyer flotillas that previously had not operated any 052C/D type ships before, including some DESFLOTs that until recently still operated 051s. It will likely take some time for those crews to become acquainted with a much more modern warship.

For the 055s, they are much bigger ships than 052Ds, almost double the displacement, not to mention a brand new class from the ground up. It's likely going to take more time for 055s to be fitted out and undergo sea trials than 052Ds because they're a whole new class of ship and they are much bigger than 052Ds -- three to four years is quite reasonable.

So I don't think the outfitting and commissioning of destroyers is that excruciatingly slow -- imo it's rather reasonable for the size and complexity of those ships, and we cannot expect 056 or even 054A speeds for 052Ds and 055s.