Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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Gyus ... take this a s a warning and especially @FangYuan !

We are not a fan-boy forum and as such these nationalistic theories of 40-60,000t cruisers, An-225-based bombers and 6 stealth aircraft in parallel, more, bigger better and all that based on Wiki and the SCMP will no longer be tolerated. Stop with this immediately, go and look for another forum or face the consequences. Therefore also do not reply and try to argue with such posts.
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Both us and Soviet/russian guns of similar calibers were also used for ciws role with specialised ammo. It would seem likely that plan's gun are designed for a similar role as well.


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Nowadays every relatively large caliber guns have Air-burst/Frag rounds for Anti-air duty. Even if we've never seen the existence of such ammo for the 38', you can be sure they exist or the PLAN is REALLY incompetent.


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Two of the Dalian made 055s is said to have gone into trials. The ship next to the Shandong may have moved back to the other pier where the destroyers usually are.