Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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An article from 701 Institute (Wuhan) on the development of 055. Cryptically, it states: "Our heavy destroyer has a new propulsion system that is a first in China and has no equivalent in the world..."

Anyone know anything about this or is it just heavily exaggerated?


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How does 055 compare to RN type 45 destroyer?
Impossible to really know for sure since the details matter but it would appear that 055 is far superior to the Type 45 on paper and with more and higher calibre sensors on the 055. The brits swear by the Sampson but I've read many, many years ago (shows how old it is) where American engineers who have worked on both AEGIS and Sampsons say the AEGIS is world's ahead despite the Sampson holding some certain advantages in the air defence role. Maybe you can find some literature on google if you search Sampson vs AEGIS. Being conceptually similar to AEGIS, the 346Bs are on paper supposed to be comparable to the latest Spy 3 and Spy 6 while featuring dual band and quite possibly a far larger array.

Type 45 has IEP to its credit and for its size, comparable power generation with similar COGAG set ups. But the 055 seems FAR more versatile in the missions. Type 45 is designed as a fleet defence ship focusing on air defence where it excels. It only has 48 VLS for very capable SAMs. 055 has 112 quad packed VLS cells for a whole range of SAM types, cruise missiles, land attack missiles, ABM, and various anti ship missiles. The 055 is according to google info, supposed to be roughly half the price of the Type 45 and that's supposedly including R&D. Then again things are much cheaper to do in China especially when it is done in bulk. Only 6 Daring class are built and planned. PLAN has probably ordered dozens of 055s before a new ground up destroyer is commissioned to replace it.

Paper specs show the Type 45 to be more comparable to Type 052D but I would imagine the Daring class to feature far more advanced sensors than the Type 052D. The quality that really decide how effective a ship is would be the capability of the weapons. Since it's too difficult to truly compare sensors and software, beyond the VLS count, HHQ-9 and HHQ-16 don't seem to have the same range as USN SAMs. Not sure about European SAMs but would imagine they are comparable to USN's.

The Type 052D can also be described as more versatile but the Daring absolutely shines when it comes to air/fleet defence. They're for different navies and different doctrines, expectations, and designed for different fights in mind.