Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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ok maybe I was thinking literally by tonnage.

A thought came to mind that when two ships collide, like many of the videos of chinese coast guard encounters in the south china sea, smaller vessels would not be able to move the weight of a larger vessel when there is contact.

So perhaps when the Type 055 is being used to define a physical border for a US vessel in the south china sea trying to establish or deny freedom of navigation, there would be a physical impedance there in the form of weight??????
Using it to ram something is a very bad idea, no point in giving anyone else a close up look at it. Also unsure whether stealth treated hull would hold up that well during ramming. A coast guard ship with reinforced bow is better.

The benefits of making a bigger ship is in firepower and sensor capability. If the PLA fleet destroyer is significantly larger than a potential rival’s fleet destroyers, it will be able to outspot, outgun and defend itself better across the board.

asif iqbal

any photos of the 5th x Type 055?

must be from JNCX

DL won't get the 2 x Type 055 out till next year

and JNCX isn't close to launching a 6th

so by the looks of it its only 1 x Type 055 launch in 2019

there was 2 simultaneously launched from DL last year

and 1 from JNCX in 2017, 1 in 2018 we can conclude 1 year per build from JNCX

and also 1 year and a bit longer from DL

so in 2019 we may get 3 launches, 2 from DL and 1 from JNCX

2020 we will see 8 x Type 055 in the water

in conclusion thats 8 launches in 3 years from 2 shipyards or 2.66 per year

prediction to 2025 will add another 12 + 8= 20 x Type 055 by middle of next decade
now noticed the tweet
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La chantier naval Jiangnan Changxing à Shanghai a mis à l'eau cet après midi un autre destroyer Type 055. Il s'agit du 5e de série. Ici en photo le 2e de classe portant à priori le nom de "Lhassa", chef-lieu du Tibet.
Translated from French by
Jiangnan Changxing Shipyard in Shanghai has launched another Type 055 destroyer this afternoon. This is the fifth in the series. Here in photo the 2nd of class carrying the name of "Lhasa", chief town of Tibet.
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The 5th Type 055 should be inside the Jiangnan fitting pool. That's probably why we don't have pics of it. Once 101 or 102 leaves the fitting pier outside, this one will come out and take its place there. Would be much easier to photograph then.


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Considering average keel laying to launch times, its likely all 4( 2 052dg + 2 055) of those ships being assembled will be launched before 2020 end.
Basically all 8(?) planned 055 will be in water before 2020 ends.