Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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@Biscuits @Viktor Jav and others ...

STOP with these endless nasty OFF-Topic posts. Discussing Russian SAMS, what Turkey, India or whoever bought and why not and even more tank-biathlon videos are in NO WAY related to the 055.

Take this as a warning.



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I'm calling for 36 of these!
There will certianly be many of them. I don’t buy the US version that these are Ticon style “fleet leaders” simply because China itself designate them DDG, not CG.

They try to contextualize the 052D as a Burke equivalent, but that’s sort of a miss since they’re smaller.

My hypothesis on the “mystery” of the small-but-advanced-sensors 052Ds is that they aren’t supposed to match anything in the US navy, they’re meant to be doctrine matches for the Japanese Akizukis.

These are smaller DDGs that carry very powerful sensor suites but less VLS. Their mission is to defend normal DDGs and act as a force multiplier.

If this hypothesis is true, China will probably build one 055 for every one to two 052s.