Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread


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well the picture
shows three units of Type 055 in Shanghai, so I would've thought (at least) one had sailed there from Dalian
One from Dalian is in the fitting dock, and the other went into a separate dry dock in Dalian.

All three or four units in Shanghai would have to be Jiangnan's.

I get this feeling 2019 might see three 055 commissions.
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asif iqbal

Wow wow just wow

The question really is when was the 3rd Type 055 launched at JNCX and why didnt anyone catch it

I mean it’s the biggest warship in PLAN for heavens sake ?

Looking at the construction rates and earlier photos 3rd unit is possible however I don’t think there’s 4

No way they launched 3 units from JNCX in 2018, 2nd one came in April and 3rd probably end of 2018

Those satellites photos don’t show anymore than 1 under construction the other halls are building Type 052DL

So 5 units in total 3 x JNCX and 2 x DL
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I'm surprised if they launched 3 055s at JN already.

The photo seems like it could be either doctored or some kind of time lapse