Type 055 DDG Large Destroyer Thread

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Lots of militaries do that. Look at US; B-17, B-52 before the B-1, B-2. M-60 before M-1. etc, etc. As long as the designation is unique, it really doesn't matter.

Before 1948, the US had separate and independent departments for each branch of service, and with the vast proliferation of different designs during and immediately after WWII, the numerical designations climbed to inconveniently large figures, while the same equipment become designated by different nomenclature when used by different service branchs.

This is why after the major branches of services were unified under a single department of defense, the DOD undertook to scrap all existing nomenclature schemes for the different branch’s in 1960, adopted a single unified designation scheme for all branches and start all sequences from 1, and included all equipment them still in service.

Hence B-1 came after B-52, while F-4 came after F-111.

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Btw, what is 053C? Is it a new PLAN Destroyer or something?
No...it was a typo. It was supposed to be Type 052D. My point was that with 16-24 Type 055s, 6 Type 052Cs and a lot of Type 052Ds the PLAN is clearly going to be the 2nd most powerful surface fleet on earth soon...in fact probably already is/

And thatis a VERY impressive achievement, particularly in the time frame they have accomplished it in.


if you want to have some fun, read
More details of PLA’s ace Type 055 destroyer unveiled

November 3, 2017
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"... and as the PLA Navy believes it has to boost its sea-land attack capacity to match Japan’s Atago- and Kongo-class warships and ..."

first, how would journalists know what the PLAN believes LOL
and second, there're no TLAMs on the Kongos and Atagos! Sep 11, 2017
now noticed
"The Washington Times reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is even considering selling Tomahawk cruise missiles to Japan, something it has previously been hesitant to do."
etc.: US Eyes More Arms Sales to Tokyo, Seoul
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Satellite photo of 055s at Dalian, dated 9/29/2017.

Building four of these at once itself sends a strong message to other nation in the region and to the United States.

It is quite the undertaking and something the US has not done (building four of a major combatant at once...and I do not mean having components being built so that they come out in series once a year...I mean having all four of them coming out within a year), as I say, this is something the US has not done since World War II days and the wind down from that huge building program.

Two at once? Oh yes...and the PLAN has done the same thing with other classes.

But building four of these very large and very capable DDGs at one time is sending a strong message that basically says...we can increase our numbers and capabilities very fast if we want to...or feel driven to. It is a message that is not lost on any of these nations like India, the US, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc.

Japan and Korea both have built two at a time in the past...but then on relatively small overall builds of five to six or seven vessels. I expect far more than six or seven Type 055s will be built.

It will be interesting to see if the PLAN continues to build at this rate after these first four come out.

Will they rapidly build up to 16 of these vessels?

They are certainly demonstrating that they have the manufacturing capability to do so.

If they follow that on with a logistical capability to out fit them all together, and then the training capability to man them all together...then that message will resound throughout the Pacific...and IMHO, around the world.