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Pop3 wrote 054A will continue to be in batch production, in 2 digit quantity; 054B will also be started soon.

The continue production of later variants of 054A (likely with improved features) may indicate that the new revolutionary technology for type 054B will need to prove its effectiveness in real operations at seas, as such continue production later variants of 054A is more like an insurance incase the new tech on 054B does not worked as expected. Take US example, after building Zumwalt class large DDG, USN planned continue to build AB flight III class DDG.

When the new technology is too revolutionary, it may not work as expected, or the cost is simply too high.

Therefor we might see in near future that both 054A+? and 054B will be built at the same time, which is what Pop3 was writing. If 054B has problems it may take few years to solve, then 054A's continue production can avoid gaps in new ships replacing those old type 053 (around 16-17 ships).

It would have to be pretty rad if you are planning to keep a proven tech alternative.

Raises the certainty of IPS, intensive use of AESA, new electronics systems, and so on.

Radical cases vs. Insurance Cases with PLAN over the years
Type 051B vs. Project 956E
Type 052C vs. 956EM, 051C, 052B
Type 052D vs. Second Batch 052C
Type 055 vs. Second and Third batch 052D

Last four Type 054A has features not present in earlier batches.
--- Shift to Type 1130 use instead of 730
--- Modified ESM near top of the mast.
--- ECCM "skirt" around Type 364 radar
--- Changing ECM unit to Type 726-3 ECM. 054A has used a unique ECM unit that is non standard with the rest of the fleet. This change brings the ECM to the same standard used with the destroyers.
--- New SATCOM design. This new SATCOM design was actually first featured with 053H3 refits, which were also the first frigates to use 726-3 ECM units.

Hoping to see new radars on the next 054A batch.
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Here is a thought on the upcoming Type 54B/57/52E with regards to timing/specs.

Because of the recent PLA naval buildup there doesn’t appear to be a critical capability gap at the frigate/destroyer level, whether qualitative or quantitative, which would require them to desperately press into service a new class beyond the current run of 054A and 052D. Of course, the fleet will continue to expand and improve, but the PLA isn’t playing ‘catch-up’ anymore. It can afford to be measured. That being the case, the design and production of 052B/057/052E doesn’t have to be done in a rush.

The PLA is also no doubt cognisant of the frigate renewal cycle for other major peers/competitor’s: the US, Japan, Russia, Korea, India, Australia and the UK (which is supplying designs to Australia in any case). They have all recently started, or are about to start, production of their next generation frigate. Type26, 30DX, Daegu, Talwar and Gorshkov have been known platforms for a few years, and with the USN’s recent FFG(X) selection, the PLA now has a high degree of visibility regarding its peers/competitor’s expected frigate capabilities for the next few decades.

Peer frigate specs and numbers are clearly not the sole driver for the PLA. But, now that they can see what everyone else is doing, and there is no longer a technology gap, they have the luxury of designing a frigate program that can fit anywhere they want on the spectrum. That is a huge advantage, because it means they can select technology, risk, numbers and budget to match where they want to be relative to the others in the frigate/small destroyer category. They can spec a vessel to outgun on a ship to ship basis, or they can be more cost conscious and plan a different route. Either way, that is a strategic advantage when dealing with long lead time platforms like a frigate class.

Therefore, it is possible that the perceived delay we have seen in the selection/production of 54B/57/52E may in some part reflect the fact that the PLA wanted to, very sensibly, wait until all of its key peers/competitors had locked themselves into designs and production…before finalizing its own.


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:: Type 054B

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Type 054B

Type 054B
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2019
Total Production: 2
Also Known As: Jiangkai-III
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Corporations: China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation CSIC
Parent System: Type 054
Initial Operational Capability (IOC): 2005
Total Production: 36
Family Members:
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There are no reviews so far

Description: The Type 054 class frigate has been designed as the replacement for aging and obsolete Type 053 frigates within the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Type 054, NATO codename Jiangkai, are 3,400-ton class ships featuring stealthy design with reduced radar cross section and infrared signature for enhanced survivability. In addition, these ships are suitable for offshore and oceanic/blue water operations. Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard and Guangzhou Huangpu Shipyard are responsible for the construction of the Type 054 frigates. The lead ship, FFG 525 Ma'anshan, was commissioned by PLAN in 2005.

The 5,000-ton class Type 054B or Jiangkai-III multi-purpose frigates are a further derivate of the Type 54 class vessels with enhanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities and an all-electric propulsion system developing 20 MW. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is responsible for the construction of the lead ship. The larger Type 054B frigates integrates both flight deck and hangar for a single Z-9C or Ka-28 ASW helicopter. Her vertical launch system (VLS) will accept HHQ-16C/D surface-to-air missiles, CY-3 anti-submarine missiles and YJ-85 supersonic long-range land attack/anti-ship missiles. Due to its larger hull the Type 054B may be fitted with more than 32 VLS cells. The ship will be fitted with an eight-cell FL-3000N close range air defense system similar to the US Navy's RAM anti-missile system. The weapon system also includes a 76mm PJ26 dual purpose gun, Type 81 anti-submarine rocket launcher and two triple 324mm torpedo tubes. The Type 054B existence was revealed in 2013 with the lead ship to be commissioned by the PLAN in 2016 or 2017.

Type 054B Specifications
Number of Aircraft: 1
Torpedo Tubes: 6
Beam: 16 meter (52 foot)
Length: 140 meter (459 foot)
Main Gun Caliber: 76 millimeter
Total Combined Power: 20 MW (26,810 hp)
Full Displacement: 5,000 ton

View attachment 62376

Type 054B Ship Listing

SerialNameStatusLaunch DateCommissionDecommission
8 Jun 20162018-
I seriously doubt this part
Total Combined Power: 20 MW (26,810 hp)
Full Displacement: 5,000 ton

054A has 4 16PA6V280STC engines totaling 25.6MW (driving propeller only) with full displacement of 4200 tones. There should be some MW (say 5MW) for weapon systems. Totaling close to 30MW.

054B is to be IEPS meaning the total electrical power is for both driving propeller and weapon systems. A 5000 tone ship may need something between 40 and 50MW.


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Aside from speculation , is there any evidence (by evidence I mean a leak from a well respected source) that a brand new kind of FFG will exist in the near future (ie: in the next 2 years)? Back on PDF the only time any source talked about this alleged new FFG was in 2017 and latter in 2018 (fzgfzy). It's 2020 now, anything new from a well respected source to indicate this ship will exist?
Extraction from a Doctor graduate's CV
参与海军装备部水面 XX 局组 织的 XX4B 型号振动噪声指标调研并参与撰写机关调研报告
Participated in "vibration noise research of type XX4B" by Naval Equipment Department, surface combatant XX bureau.

One can be certain what XX4B is if you see that his other works in type XX5, XX2D and XX6.