Type 054/A FFG Thread II


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I remember that two 901 class AOE were built here.
Yes, correct. It was at night ( when the tide was high) with heavy rain when they launched the lead ship of type 901.

Longxue site is at the west bank of Pearl River estuary, opposite side of Shenzhen International Airport, if anybody is interested to locate it on GE map.


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Guangzhou Huangpu has shipyards at different location for military/navy ships construction and commercial ships construction.

What you normally don't see is their shipyard at Longxue which builds large commercial ships. Longxue shipyard is many tens of miles away from the other shipyard that builds PLA navy ships.

Longxue shipyard.
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They got their first 16,000 TEU containership contract, which will make it the biggest ship built by this shipyard so far. But that's another story for another thread.