Type 054/A FFG Thread II


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Can we not have pointless and off topic missile discussion hijacking threads?

And if there are errors or misconceptions that need to be corrected?

I would also say that discussions on missiles are very relevant to the Type-054.
Launching offensive missiles and defending against incoming missiles is one of the primary reasons why the Type-054 exists.

You can't have a discussion on the merits of the Type-054 without looking at its usage.


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At a certain point, it needs to move to its own thread.

I'm fairly relaxed about most things.

Remember most people in the West are in denial about China's re-emergence and/or what it actually means.
And you can't force someone to change their mind.

So you just have to state your position and rationale, then let time do the talking.


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Just a cool image.



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The 33rd type 054A fom Guangzhou HP shipyard will be launched soon. Haixun 03 next to it is also almost ready for launch.

There is a very high possibility that the 4th ship (34th overall) of the new type 054A improved variants for PLAN will be launched in 2021.

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