Type 054/A FFG Thread II


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Dont think we have had this in thread before, but two new 054A hulls laid down at Hudong after the dock flushed out the third 075 for PLAN and second 054AP for Pakistan. Logically these could be the third and fourth hulls for Pakistan also but I guess its possible they may now join Huangpu for the new PLAN-batch? In any case I find it quite remarkable how quickly that hull on the right especially has come together since launching the previous builds. Source for shots is @Fbi6fgjRl130q4U on Twitter.

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Do those 2 sections above the 075 belong to the left most 054A? No wonder these get built quickly, so few pieces to them.


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I saw this on the internet earlier this week referring to the new build of Frigates for the PLAN........don't know if there is any truth in it, but it does raise one or two interesting aspects.

"Back in 2018 it was rumoured that 054B was planned, but in 2019, another rumour came out that the 054B has been delayed a bit due to its one crucial handicap, that is, its speed is too slow to keep up with the carrier fleet. And then in 2020 there was a conflicting rumour that another batch of 054 was going to be built, some say it would be the same 054A but others claimed it would be the newer version. Then it was said that the order was for 054A. Then the news broke, back in December 2020, that the new, much higher efficient version of vessel propulsion engine has been developed and tested. Then on January, another rumour emerged which says that China is on the process to convert its surface fleet to pump jet, instead of propeller, using electrical pumps, instead of the old piston and crankshaft version. It was rumoured that the 3rd 075 vessel was built as the first trial, using this concept, then followed by the new batch of 054 would be 054Bs, based on the same technology, which, reportedly, can travel much faster and quieter than ever before. It was also rumoured that using this new design, more rooms would be made available inside the vessel, that would mean more places for missiles and other compartments".


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In the anti-submarine command post of FFG-529 Zhoushan under its bow deck (as revealed by the side panel), the sonar operator with headphones was continuously reporting the movement of an unknown underwater target to the mission commander (@央广军事):




Pulling the rope together. The character 狼 (wolf) on one life jacket probably indicates its owner's nickname.



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Update on the progress of 31st 054A construction

I remember there are several really good restaurants serving the Cantonese lap chong claypot rice (腊肠煲仔饭), so you could literally enjoy classic Cantonese street food and sip on a 600ml bottle of Zhujiang Beer, while watching those 054As and 056s slowing being pieced together. It would cost you no more than 20-25 RMB. Still, do not take pictures because the local PSB plain clothes officers are always on watch. The moment you raise your smartphone, someone would probably jump out and arrest you.