Type 054/A FFG Thread II


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I finally found another picture of 525. It does seem they were working on that stand, so the ring or stand there might be new.


Looking at the right of the picture, at this point of the photograph, they already chopped off the stand for the Type 345 radar, but the stand for the 344 is still there. As we have seen that will also be removed.

Found other pictures in relation to 515 Bizhou and the CEC panels it was testing. Looks to me they are gone. The test mission is done, maybe long time ago, and the remnant has been removed. There might be something else over there but needs a close up.




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This picture of 568 puts this at the 2nd Destroyer Division and the Type 071 on the background puts this at Zhanjiang. Right behind is a non pennant Type 052DL in late stage trials, likely the future 162 Nanning. Second time we have a photo of this destroyer but obscured by another ship in the foreground. The first time it was with 167 Shenzhen.

Via @子龙99_172 from Weibo and thanks to the PDF.



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Our old buddy here, 529, one of the ships that have this skirted array beneath the Type 382 Sea Eagle, exercising with a couple of destroyers, 136 and possibly either 138 or 139.

Via @央广军事 from Weibo and thanks to LKJ86 and the PDF.



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One of the two 054A Block 1 frigates assigned to the East Sea Fleet, 529 Zhoushan sailed together with Project 956 Sovremenny DDG-136 Hangzhou and DDG-138 Taizhou. The same picture was posted above by Tam, but the original note on ChinaMil.com clarifies that the other DDG is 138.


More importantly, this set of pictures were taken by the same photographer, which implies that the following was taken on another 054 Frigate Block 1 assigned to the East Sea Fleet, 530 Xuzhou:


And this should be the combat information center of 530 Xuzhou as well:

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