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If I remember correctly, this fan-made concept was posted in 2018 or so. Some more (
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Asia-Pacific Future General Frigate Program [A&PGF(X)]

01 R&D Overview:
This class ship uses a newly designed hull, uses a variety of stealth, noise reduction design, equipped with advanced operational command systems, theater search and target indication systems, communications and electronic protection systems, global fire strike systems, etc., with perfect battlefield awareness and Weapons delivery capacity, each construction budget of about 3.2 billion yuan ($510m).

02 hull design:
The ships of this class have used the mature construction technology of the Type 055 destroyer in large numbers, and their appearance has adopted a low detectable tilt design. The stealthy materials and coatings are used extensively on the surface of the ship. The overall radar cross-sectional area of the ship is equivalent to only one electronic countermeasure metal decoy.

The capacity of the upper structure is larger than that of the 054A to increase the sealability, and the width is increased to be the same as the width of the ship's side and integrated with it. The front and rear masts adopt a tower structure, and the front mast uses a fully-enclosed synthesis mast, which provides a larger installation space for electronic equipment and is optimized for electromagnetic compatibility. The entire ship is made of steel and adopts a gas-tight fortress structure that can resist nuclear explosion and external pollution.

Protective armor is installed around the main battle command cabin, power cabin, and hair extension system, and a hollow structure is also reserved in the middle of the bulkhead to improve The ability to resist ammunition fragmentation; the hull adopts a modular design, the ship has 12 hull modules, 4 bridge modules, 2 mast modules, 1 hangar module and 1 power cabin module. Each module is equipped with independent ventilation control system, power supply and distribution system, fire extinguishing system and nuclear chemical and chemical washing system.

03 Power System:
This class of ship adopts the most advanced comprehensive electric propulsion system. The prime mover of this system adopts CODAG propulsion, including two QC185 gas turbines (rated output power 18MW) and two 16PA6BSTC-280 diesel engines (rated output power 6.4MW). Each gas turbine drives a 18MW generator with medium voltage DC technology. Each diesel engine drives a 6MW generator, the power output reaches 48MW, and all power outputs are integrated into the integrated ship power management system. The central power computer is deployed in a unified way.

Different from the 054A's traditional mechanical transmission propeller propulsion, this class of ships uses four 10MW waterless thrusters to completely eliminate spindle transmission noise. In the low-speed silent mode, the battery-driven propeller can be used to obtain the best Silence effect. In addition, the vessel is equipped with a shaftless thruster that effectively reduces the turning radius. It is also equipped with an advanced hull stabilization system.

The computerized control system incorporates information such as the roll stabilization system and the ship's heading/rudder surface settings. It calculates the angle between the control rudder surface and the stabilizing fin to compensate for the roll and hull of the ship. Shake, can still carry out the combat task in the 6 sea conditions, can still sail safely under the 8 sea conditions.

04 battlefield perception:
This class ship adopts a three-level search system, which constitutes a far-in-near-three-layer sensing system. A double-sided rotating array radar is installed on the rear stern, and the main front is an S-band phased array radar using 364A phased-array radar technology. Responsible for search missions in the entire airspace. The maximum detection range is up to 320 km.

The deputy front is an L-band frequency scan slot array radar. It is mainly responsible for remote surveillance missions and has anti-stealth target capabilities. The maximum warning distance is up to 400 km. Three large-scale X-band multitasking digital array radars are installed on the mast, responsible for tasks such as low-altitude search, target indication, fire control illumination, and ventilation tube detection. The maximum detection distance is 180 km.

05 Electronic Warfare System:
The ship owns the same active RF electronic warfare system integrated with RF technology as the Type 055 destroyer and is equipped with four 24-bar multi-rocket launchers to perform passive electromagnetic confrontation tasks and constitute a complete electronic warfare combat system. Compared to the 054A frigates, active electronic warfare equipment has undergone a major upgrade, and electronic warfare capabilities have become more powerful.

06 short-range defense:
This class ship is equipped with a stealth version of the H/PJ-11 11-tube 30mm naval gun and HQ10 short-range defense missile, which constitutes a double-decker defense system, which has greatly improved the defense capabilities of the 054A frigate. The H/PJ-11 11-tube 30mm naval gun is a close-in defense weapon system (CIWS) using 11 tubes of 30mm Gatling quick-fire guns, equipped with a radar, optical, and infrared tracking system that can lock 48 at a time. Or more goals. Launched a 30*165 mm caliber gun shell, with a maximum firing rate of 11,000 rounds per minute and 1280 rounds. The longest range of the HQ-10 short-range defense missile can reach 10 to 12 kilometers, and the accuracy of the attack is higher than 95%.

07 Shipborne Gun:

This class ship is equipped with an improved PJ26 76.2mm naval gun, which uses a less detectable stealth turret than the main gun mounted on the 054A. It is non-combat, and the barrel is housed within the turret, improving the target indication. Equipment, and provided by the main X-band radar target information and fire control, can launch new programmable air defense ammunition, greatly enhance the air defense capabilities.

08 VLS:
The main weapon delivery system for this class of ships is the vertical launcher of a total of 48 units of hot and cold co-aircraft missiles. The front of the hangar is equipped with a 16-unit universal VLS. The launcher unit has a caliber of 850mm and a depth of 900cm and can be used on the active service. All ship-launched missiles. Compatible with the launch of small drones. Due to the large size of the universal hair extension, the installation position on the small and medium-sized ships is limited. A 32-unit general-purpose VLS is installed on the front. The maximum unit diameter is 680mm, and the diameter of the projectile can be less than 500mm and the length of the bullet is less than 650cm. The various types of missiles are mainly equipped with the HQ-16C ship-to-air missiles and YU-8 anti-submarine missiles to carry out air defense and anti-submarine missions. Compared to the 054A's universal hot vertical hair, it can be compatible with more types of missiles.

09 anti-submarine configuration:
This class of ships is equipped with low-frequency shipboard main/passive sonar and main/passive low-frequency towed array sonars. It is also equipped with torpedo countermeasure systems and high-frequency mines to avoid sonar. The carrier aircraft differs from the 054A frigate in that it can carry two 10-ton class carrier helicopters and is equipped with two Z-15 anti-submarine helicopters. Compared with the 054A, a straight type 9 ship helicopter has been greatly improved, and the anti-submarine combat radius has increased by more than three times. The front of the hangar is equipped with two groups of reloadable triple-mounted 324mm torpedo launch systems for short-range anti-submarine warfare operations.

Projected tonnage:
~ 142m
CODAG, 2x QC185 gas turbines (18MW each), 2x 16PA6BSTC-280 diesel engines (6.4MW each). IEPS consisting of 4DC generators, totally producing 48MW of power, running 4x10MW pump jet thrusters.
In excess of 30 knots
6,500 nautical miles at 18knots estimated
170-190, if you add the air crews.
Sensors and processing systems:
364A S-band phased-array radar, L-band radar, X-band multitasking digital array radar. Fire control, SAM, navigation radars. Bow, towed and VDS sonar, datalink and satcom systems.
Electronic warfare & decoys:
Electronic warfare support system and decoy launcher system using 24 decoy rocket launchers. Tech leveraged from the 055 type.
1x PJ26 76.2mm naval gun.
1x H/PJ-11 11-tube 30mm naval gun CIWS.
1x HQ-10 short-range defense missile launcher, 24cells.
32x 6,5m depth VLS cells in the bow for HQ-16 SAM and
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Yu-8 anti submarine rockets
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16x 9m depth VLS cells in front of the helicopter hangar, compatible with cruise missiles, ASuW missiles and drones.
2 × 3 324mm Yu-7 ASW torpedo launchers.
Aircraft carried:
2x Z-15 anti-submarine helicopters
Aviation facilities: hangar with space for 2x10ton class helis.


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For something 2018, he could not have possibly seen the new radar on the Type 075 and on the testing ship 891 before then, so he made a smart call on the dual backed dual band rotating radar on the back. But a phase array in one side and a slotted array on the other? S-band on one side and L-band on the other side.

The PLAN doesn't seem to be great fans of using L-band radars on the ship, and the number of L-band naval applications in the world is going down, namely left to the legacy SPS-49 radars in the USN and most of all, to SMART-L/S1850 applications in the EU navies and RN respectively.. While there are L-band applications in the PLA's SAM forces, L-band radar use in the PLAN is nonexistent and its not going to start now. I also get the impression that his L-band panel is a bit too small.

Also, the Type 364 replacement is turning out to be an S-band/X-band combination with a range of up to 350km on the S-band and over 100km on the X-band, as per new "Type 383" on the Type 075. I do have some doubts that its an S-band/X-band combination, as I prefer to think it might be a C-band/X-band combination instead given the size of the larger array of the two and in relation to the panel sizes of the Type 382 S-band radar used on the 075 and 054A, as well as both carriers.

His use of three sided X-band radar arrangement instead of four is to be commended. Why three instead of four? Cheaper that way. Unlike other fan designs, he is cost minded in his design which is unusually considerate for fan designs.

Cost --- determining how much the PLAN is willing or not willing to spend on the ship --- is what makes predicting the next generation Chinese frigate a bit more difficult. You can have a low end or a high end frigate design, particularly when it comes to the sensors and the systems.

I for one, might think that both radars --- the one spotted on the Type 075 and the one spotted on Test ship 891 --- would both be on the 054B, with the larger radar on the primary front mast and the smaller radar on the secondary aft mast. That parallels the current 054A arrangement with a primary search radar followed by a secondary search radar. Then below the larger radar is an integrated mast, with the new X-band radars from the 055 fixed on four sides, with CEC panels on top of that radar and IFF strips below.


There was this screen capture from CCTV9, but I was never able to locate the video. Not sure if it's an old proposal or still current, or whether it's a successor to 054/A or merely a MLU. I suppose the quickest way to upgrade 054/A is to leave the hull intact and update only the sensors, electronics, and weapons.

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Assuming the mast is strong enough to hold these new radars and has sufficient power, I am thinking of install this from the test ship 891 on the top mast of the 054A to replace the Type 382 radar.


Then install this as the second radar --- from the Type 075 --- on top of the funnel to replace the Type 364 radar.


This is similar to what I was proposing the 054B might be.

The difference between the 054B and the 054A MLU is that the 054B might have these X-band radars from the 055:

The X-band radars is the largest square here, set on all four sides of the mast.

While the 054A MLU will retain the legacy Type 344 gunnery fire control and the Type 366 anti ship fire control radars.

Type 366 and Type 344
Type_366_radar.jpg Type344_I-J-band.jpg

And then the Type 054B might potentially use U-VLS to fire HQ-9, a new quad pack SAM and YJ-18 for antiship missile, while the 054A MLU retains the HQ-16 for SAM and uses the YJ-12 for antiship missile. My speculation.