Type 052C/052D Class Destroyers


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Besides Type 075 LHD, Type 055 Heavy Destroyer, Type 094A SSBN.

One other thing, also on the same day the 19th 052D Destroyer was commissioned elsewhere, PLANS Kaifeng, DDG-124. Been a good month for the PLAN, considering another 052D was also commissioned on the 12th April.
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Is this true?
If true, amazing indeed
Actually, just noticed that Chinese WIKI has changed the service date of 052D "Kaifeng" from the 23rd April to the 16th April. A few days prior to this, 052D "Nanning" entered service on the 12th...............so yes this info is true as we know it.


The badge design of DDG-165 Zhanjiang (湛江).



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The badge design of DDG-165 Zhanjiang (湛江).


So fast! Are they already going to commission the ship soon?

Zhanjiang is the name of one of the last of the two Ludas that was retired. It is also the name of the naval base and city where this destroyer was assigned. The new ship is retaining the same pennant as the last Zhanjiang had and will return to the same base.


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Any indication of what's next after the 25 O52D.
Will it be more 052D or a newer design 052E?

Your guess is as good as mine. I counted nine spare pennants left from existing destroyer divisions before you need to create a new destroyer division.

2nd --- 166
3rd --- 135
6th --- 158, 159
10th --- 125, 126, 127, 128, 129

These 9 ships are likely to be existing 052DL, or a minor improvement of the 052DL. I don't think they will get a new ship design because of the logistical upgrade and new training regimens that has to accompany with a new ship design. An existing ship design is easier to slot in with your existing logistic train and easier to train people for.

1st and 9th Destroyer Division are the focus of getting 055s. Assuming you retire pennant 112 and 113, the two 052, and 115 and 116, the two 051C, no. 109 to 116 can be the pennants for 8 new Type 055.

After these 17 new destroyers, you might be looking to replace older destroyers, pennants 136, 137, 138, 139, 167, 168, 169. There is also the question of filling pennants 130 and 160. So nine destroyers that can go either 052X or 055X. Six 052C might be approaching their mid like upgrade, so it would be interesting to see what they will do here.