Type 052C/052D Class Destroyers


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Guys ... it is enough!

We are just discussing how the quality can be improved due to a recent flow of off topic posts and then this?! :mad:


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Just a general note ...

No, it's not interesting, as it has been pointed out to you on multiple occasions by myself and others, that anybody and his grandmother can edit Wikipedia without providing sources. Stop your obsession with wikipedia. Just stop.

My old friend, we need to be patient ... there are recently many young and inexperienced members - and some with quite not the same abilities to analyse sources like senior members or a different standard to SDF of what is a reliable and credible source ... as such we should teach and guide them by explanation and patience. Even if this is quite hard sometimes - I see this at school everyday - we should not limit this personal freedoms to post.

Yes, Wikipedia is unreliable but we should do this in a civilised way.

You don't need to go there of you don't like. Those people have collected a large amount of information before they made any changes. It is only one of many sources of information.

Oh please, and now directly to you: You are no longer a junior member and you already got several warnings due to plain stupid "give us more", "let's chunk out more of them" ... and these constant Wiki-quotes. I already asked you several times to LEARN. To listen to senior members and where they take their information from.

And NO, Wiki is not reliable ... a few weeks ago, some Indians changed the J-20 page with the content that the PLAAF had lowered the J-20's classification from fifth to fourth generation fighter since the IAF could detect it. So much on "Those people have collected a large amount of information before they made any changes".

And now take this as a warning.


DDG 174 Hefei during an underway replenishment exercise.



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A few quick questions. How reliable the dimensions of the Type 052D actually is? Are reporting from CCTV reliable enough?

I checked the numbers stated on english and Mandarin wikipedia, and out of curiosity checked the source on the mandarin wiki. It shows
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and I checked it out. Its a 2015 reporting from CCTV 13 and the dimensions stated are:

Full load Displacement: around 7000 tons
Length: 156m
Width: 18m

Now I'm curious if the stated numbers are accurate or just an estimation/"official" numbers which the reporter just read as instructed.
Based on my estimates, the 052D displaces around 8,000t. It drafts 0.6m deeper than the 052C, which is a 7,000t ship.

I've even seen some sources quoting figures of 8,500t.