Type 052C/052D Class Destroyers

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This looks like Sixth Destroyer Flotilla from the East China Seas Fleet.

155 is unique among 052D as it is a hybrid of Batch 1 and Batch 2 parts. Its mostly a Batch 1 ship but it has the Batch 2 Type 346A radar with the in-array calibration method.

Type 054A 578 and 601 are different batches, even if they both have Type 1130 CIWS.

601 has these changes.
The ECM unit on 701 is upgraded to the Type 726-3 unit used with destroyers.
Something is added on top of the ESM unit.
IFF arrays on the Type 364 radar.
SATCOM antenna is changed.
CEC antenna moved from starboard to port.
good observations

also mid deck hanger


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052DL is just the current Internet shoo in name for the extended deck 052D with the improved VHF radar. Its not official. The L being for "Long". Other Internet buzzers refer to it as 052DG with the "G" for "Gai", the Chinese term for improved, same as "Kai" for Japanese and just simply "M" or "Mod" for Russian.


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052DL is coined by English speaking posters on internet since "L" is for "long" or "lengthened" in English. Chinese prefer "G" as "Gai" stands for "improvement" or "modification" in Chinese. There is no official statement on its designation yet.


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It looks like they are slowing down the speed of construction. Why is that?
This was taken not too long ago but its not the most recent of pictures, which showed 120 Chengdu has already left the roost and has joined her permanent home base.

120 Chengdu is the last of the non stretched 052D to reach service, so this is an end of an era. With three 052DL already on sea trials, two already in the advanced PLAN stage trials, one in the shipyard trials, I would think they are not slowing down but hastening the process and also improving it.

I see no indication of slowdown of construction but I anticipate 052D might possibly end around the 30th ship. The ship is becoming more and more the old model. To keep the shipyards filled, you preferably need to go all out 055, but they might still go build additional 052D as a way of subsidy if 055 costs are too high. Also I believe its high time for a 052D successor.