Type 052C/052D Class Destroyers


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These shots of Hefei are among the best photos made of a Type 052D.

Sending these ships all the way from China to the Baltic in St. Petersburg for the Russian naval parade is the reason why Russia reciprocated in symmetry by sending a task group from the Baltic Sea Fleet from St. Petersburg all the way to Qingdao. Otherwise the Russians would just send the usual ships from the Pacific Fleet stationed in Vladivostok, which is the Varyag cruiser or any of the Udalois. The Russian Pacific Fleet is still coming there though. With Hefei among the most modern PLAN warships, it also seems fitting the Admiral Gorshkov being sent as she is among the most modern in the Russian Navy.

After the anniversary celebrations, the Chinese and Russian navies will hold a joint naval exercise that maybe the first for the Admiral Gorshkov on this scale and the first with another nation. It may also be the first exercise for the Type 055 101 Nanchang.