"top loading Chinese assault rifles" ?


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Read this article today but am not sure exactly what kind of "top loading Chinese assault rifles" the reporter is referring to?

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"Some are in light green camouflage and strung with dark-blue magazine pouches. Others are in T-shirts and jeans with bandannas tied around their heads. They carry a mix of aging, bolt-action and top-loading Chinese assault rifles and the occasional squad-operated machine gun. But many don't have any weapons at all."


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Either that, or maybe some sort of Bren-type gun? Anyway, arent most of the WW2 era rifles loaded by stripper-clip? (Top Loading sounds incorrect.)

If that is the case, then it might be an SKS or Mosin Nagant. But in an article in National Geographic that I recently saw, most of the older rifle-types were WW2 era Lee-Enfeild rifles (Mk/No.4 rifles if I am not mistaken). with an ocasional older-style wooden-stock FAL rifle. So it is possible that those are the rifles he refers to, but calls them Chinese by mistake.