Top 10 Threads posted by SD members

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Each Poster's Ten Most Popular Threads they have posted on SinoDefence Forum

I have been posting her on SD now for eight years. In that time I have posted over 5,600 comments and over 130 threads.

I thought it would be neat to have other posters list here, the top then threads they have posted on SD. You can find the threads you have posted by clicking on your name at the top of each page, and then clicking on the link "Latest Started Threads."

One rule: To be able to post your top ten threads here, you have to have posted at least 10 threads that have gotten over 100 views each. Any other comments about people's top ten threads are welcome from anyone. Here are my top ten:

1. Latest PLAN Aircraft Carrier Photos. 1,093,000 views
2. PLAN Carrier Operations...News, & Videos. 616,300 views
3. Joplin Tornado-the destructive power of nature. 250,100 views
4. Boeing 767 makes belly landing. 247,600 views
5. Latest Varyag Pics. 124,700 views
6. US J-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. 90,900 views
7. Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). 70,600 views
8. 2020: JMSDF & PLAN Strength. 42,400 views
9. PLAN LCAC Landing Craft. 29,900 views
10. PLAN's First Carrier Strike Fighter the J-15. 27,300 views

That's 2,592,800 views for my top ten. Funny, just three of those, all about the Varyag/Lioaning, account for 1,824,000 of them. It was that topic that brought me to SD in 2005, because I had already spent four years studying and writing about the Varyag and its transformation at that point and found SD to be the best place to discuss it.